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Your Goal -
Keep Moving 

Don't Stop Pedalling in 2023. TGP's latest drop - The "Keep moving" series, are specially designed Cargo Bib Shorts and Shorts made with superior material and massive Mesh pockets for storage for your long-distance rides to help you meet your goals in the New Year.

Fuss Free Rides

Designed for the most comfortable rides in the tropics, the "Keep going" bib-shorts come with 4 massive mesh pockets to store everything from your power banks 🔋 to bananas. 🍌 No more fiddling around with bags and compartments on your bike that interferes with your cycling experience

Each one comes with safety reflective strips behind both thighs, Italian Power Bands and an ultra-comfortable 8-hour chamois Pad for pain-free rides.

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Don't like stabilizing straps?  The Keep Moving shorts give your more upper-body freedom but plenty of storage and comfort with the same amazing materials that makes the Bib Shorts

Keep Moving
but Chill 

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Shave off time with our Aero Cycling Socks with Dulating Surface to slice thru the wind to keep you moving - Faster.

Go Matchy, Matchy - Fast

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583km Awaits

Get ready to hit the roads with our limited edition seasonal jersey! Introducing the #TOGORIDE2023 Season 3 Jersey - the perfect way to celebrate your cycling milestones. Ride 583km from 1st July to 30th September and earn your well-deserved reward. Are you up for the challenge?

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Collect all 4 Seasonal Jerseys when you hit these milestones to clock a total of 2023km for the whole year!

Season 1 - 323km [ENDED]
Season 2 - 433km [ENDED]
Season 3 - 583km [LIVE]
Season 4 - 684km




It all began when we wanted to source the best cycling jersey kits as rewards for completing Finisher Distances in Togoparts Cycling Events. We struggled to find premium customized cycling wear in the market that would reward Finishers adequately with the events that we host at

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