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No More Hot, Stuffy, Itchy
Spandex that Won't Fit.


It all began when we wanted to source the best cycling jersey kits as rewards for completing Finisher Distances in Togoparts Cycling Events.

We struggled to find premium customized cycling wear in the market that would reward Finishers adequately with the events that we host at Many local suppliers and regional manufacturers featured inferior material choices and outdated designs that are outright uncomfortable.


To make things more challenging, 99% of our Finishers are Asians from Singapore and around the region. Most customized Jerseys in the market were not designed to flow with our Asian physique.


Not satisfied, we went on the journey to create our own. TGP is the result of 5 years in the making.

Our Mission
To bring affordable premium cycling wear to everyone - starting in Asia.

Designed in Singapore & Real World Tested

Own by over 20,000 cyclists in 20 countries released across 30 virtual events, TGP Cycling Jerseys are refined iteratively by way of hundreds of customer feedback and even more ride tests done locally in Singapore.

Each Jersey released thru our events represents the latest innovation in Jersey design and material combination. TGP jerseys represents the finest culmination of this continuous journey.

Asian Fit First

Tailored to the Asian physique, we design our jersey with custom-adjusted measurements based on the Asian body. No more loose flappy fabric under arms and overly long and tight crumbly mid-sections.


Feel confident and comfortable when you put on a TGP jersey.


Optimal performance in the Tropics

We experiment with over 100 fabric types to test for the most durable and breathable tech fabric.


Your TGP jersey will keep you dry and cool in hot humid weather and keep scruffs or rashes at bay.

Safety First

We know how dangerous it could be to ride on busy roads. Impatient drivers do not help. TGP apparel is designed with integrated safety features such as reflective prints and labels to make you more visible, keeping encroaching vehicles at bay.


Ride with peace of mind.

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-18 at 17.46.36.jpg

Easier on the Pocket

Inflation woes no more. Our aim is to help you get the most enjoyment out of cycling. Bringing the best jerseys that rival the best brands at a fraction of the price tag.


We remove all unnecessary costs, such as middlemen, and retail mark-ups and offer prices based on the quality of apparel. TGP is a digital-first, apparel brand created by the same Team who are behind

What began in 2016 with our first virtual event and our first-ever Jersey has since evolved into a global community of over 20,000 strong. The best part? It’s made up of everyday cyclists who are passionate as we do about our products.

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